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Treatment units

Matching accessories

Work can be so beautiful. dantschke Medicenter

Beauty must be beautifully practical. High functionality combined with timeless design. A high utility value created for maximum performance, ergonomically and anatomically suitable for you and your patients. With our modular system, treatment units and instrument cabinets can be optimally arranged according to personal ideas and spatial conditions. Assembled according to your wishes, with individual equipment, upgradeable at any time and open for your future plans.

Extremely well built

Verarbeitung Medicenter

The stable and maintenance-free metal housings are made of high-quality thin sheet metal. The modular system allows for individual room and workplace solutions at any time.

The most important thing – hygiene

Oberfläche Medicenter

The smooth and pore-free surfaces are easy to clean and can be coated with an antimicrobial lacquer on request.

Better view

Endoskop Licht

Light sources exactly where they are needed. Optionally in LED or halogen design.

Greater well-being


The temperature of the ear rinsing water remains constant at 37.5° C. After each treatment, the tubes can be cleaned quickly and easily using our thermal disinfection system.

Undisturbed working


Maintenance-free and low-vibration pumps ensure that razor-sharp images can be seen in the microscope even during suction.

Powerful suction


The suction process at 70 liters per minute and the subsequent automatic glass rinsing enable efficient work.

Force through compression


In only 10 seconds, the compressed air system is fully operational again with significantly less noise.

Automatic control

Schlauch Absaugung

The triple safety system protects the unit from oversuction. As soon as the secretion container is full, the suction process is automatically stopped. Furthermore, the mechanical overflow protection and the germ filter with integrated moisture protection guarantee additional safety.


Medicenter Panorama

The permanent control of the septic fluid jar is no longer necessary due to the electronic regulation which stops the suction process. The container is then automatically emptied and cleaned so that the suction process can be continued immediately. Thanks to the thermal disinfection of the water system, there is no need to refill chemical additives by hand – completely in the interest of our environment.

Everything with links

dantschke Medicenter Links

Up to 20% of all people do their work with links. This is exactly why we have thought along with you and developed a workplace especially optimized for left-handed people. Because we do what we can.
The best. For you.